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Star Citizen shoots the bird - with 400 million dollars of the player

Wayne van Nijkerk (Cape Community, July 15, 1992) is a South African rate racing professional athlete, which in the specialty of 400 m holds the Olympic and also World Title and a Silver Medal in the Gaming of Commonwealth. He has actually handled to run the examinations of 100 m, 200 m and also 400 m in much less than 10, 20 as well as 44 seconds specifically. His gold of him in the Olympic Gaming of Rio de Janeiro 2016 got him with a globe document of 43.03 seconds.

Do you still know Star Citizen, the game, which offers more than $1,000 expensive In game content and have been festival for years in development? That does not prevent the mammoth project to earn well with it. Now the game has generated incredible 400 million revenue and breaks records.

Star Citizen cracks hammer record

It is no secret that large Triple-A productions can keep the video game industry with comparable film projects at the cost now — in the revenues anyway.

The undisputed number one among the video games is the space adventure Star Citizen. The game is definitely not unknown, but also no size like franchises à la GTA, Zelda and Co. (Source: Roberts Space Industries)

Rather, star Citizen gained a large celebrity through his legendary production process and harsh criticism regarding monetization.

AJS News - Bobby Says He Will Leave?, Streamlabs Plagiarsism, Star Citizen at 400M!, Xbox Emulation? The game praised as a first-person universe has been in development since now 10 years and is still a far away from an official publication. Finally, it is just in a alpha trial.

The incredible revenue of $400,000,000 are caused by the crowdfunding of a Kickstarter campaign, but rather through the various purchase possibilities of In game content and early accesses to incomplete partial sections of the game.

Those who like a look into the unfinished Sci-Fi game can try Star Citizen for free :

The dilemma around the space hope

Active in 2011 started with development, the diligent supporters of the game 2012 a release date for 2015 has been touted. After several shifts and the abandonment of a further date for the beta of the individual play campaign in 2020, we have now arrived in 2021 and will probably not see a release of the mega project so quickly.

At the current date, according to the official website above three million players have to have an account for the game and thus have put into the large part of money in the development.

At prices of up to 3,000 dollars for exclusive in game content, such as spaceships and Co., the record of the current revenue is hardly surprising. The prioritization of this non-essential content is possibly one reason why production lasts for ages. The lucrative business with this financing method maybe too.

Early access and crowdfunding do not always have to be positive. Which other gaming trends are still a true gray? This picture section reveals it:

Will Star Citizen ever finish? Will the millions of players ever be able to fly their expensive spaceships in the world of online space flight simulation outside trial versions? Maybe someday, if we in reality already inhabit space.


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